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If you are using Stamps, you can save up to 34% on your postage costs.

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If you are still using postage stamps as a means to send to your post or to let your customers know about new products and service within your business arena, sending out invoices or bulk mailing, we know that it can be a tedious and costly task. As a stamp user, this would entail lots of trips to the post office and the very repetitious task of sticking stamps.

When you buy stamps for your business, you don’t actually know if you are going to use them all and endless books of unused postage stamps in your drawer are costing you money.

The fixed price nature of a stamp means that you could be overpaying for postage on every letter whereas there are much better ways to ensure that your post is correctly priced every time.

The answer to all of this is to use a Franking Machine. A franking machine will ensure that not only will all of your mail be correctly priced but it will also allow you to keep track and manage your postage costs.

Imagine how much your business could save if you are over-estimating your mail costs and applying too many stamps. Couple this with the savings that you gain using a franking machine over stamps and you are well on your way to some significant savings. Some businesses think that Franking Machines are only for bigger businesses. This is no longer true. Almost every business that uses the postal service can save on their postage costs using a franking machine. With a small up-front cost, everyone can benefit from savings of up to 34%.

Due to franking machine integration with Royal Mail, you will always be sure that your post leaves your business with the correct postage every time. This is also true for packages and letters.

Royal Mail offer further discounts for Franking Machine customers above and beyond ensuring correct postage every time. Your postal meter will download your franking charge tables from Royal mail automatically and update your franking machine accordingly.

Franking machines come in all shapes and sizes to fit your office environment and now also come in various colours. A feature common to all franking machines is the ability to weigh your mail before you send in order to attach the correct postage cost. Most machines have a letter feeder that will automate the franking process. Franking Machines can be either purchased outright or rented/leased.

Franking Machine Benefits

Postal Savings

Over the years Royal Mail have increased the discounts given to users of a franking machines and postal meters. Royal Mail handling is cheaper with franked mail over stamped. The bigger discounts are to encourage users to make the jump to a postal meter. Postage costs have more than doubled over the past few years which means there has never been a better time to make the change from stamps to a franking machine.

Calculate the Correct Postage Every Time

With a franking machine, every item of post is weighed and the exact amount of postage is applied. This means there will be no more over-posting for your business. The integrated scales on most franking machines ensure that all postage costs are accurate to the last penny.

A more Professional Look to your mail

If you are posting for business then a great way to ensure that your mail looks good upon arrival is to use a franking machine. Your outgoing mail can have a personal message, a company logo or a seasonal image printed directly on to it using your franking machine.

Save some Time with a Franking Machine

You will never run out of stamps again and be caught in the queue at the post office. Your franking machine will top up automatically and ensure that you have postage present when you need it.

Business Accounting for your Postage

Using the franking machines in-built accounting, you can claim VAT on your post when available and also ensure that each item of post can be accounted to the correct department within your organisation.

Franking Machine Tips for beginners

If you have a franking machine, you will find it fairly easy and intuitive to use but there are some conventions and rules that you need to follow.

  • You will need to sign up for a License from the Royal Mail, this is easy to do and most franking machine suppliers will help you with this
  • You will need to ensure that you franking machine uses ink that is approved by Royal Mail
  • Check that your franking machine charges are up-to-date and that it is correctly updating prices online
  • Check that your machine is showing the correct date and time
  • Check that you have set the correct return address and that the franking machine prints it correctly
  • If you have an older franking machine then check if you could get a better deal with a new one

Another service that you could use to make your outgoing mail even cheaper is to check out MailMark. This is a new franking technology from Royal Mail.

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